Track your Dids

The simplest way to track what you did

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Dids, not to-dos

Dids are something, anything that you've done. They can be progress towards a goal, a walk in the park or step towards your new adventure 🏔

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"Often the best way to get unstuck is to do anything, even a simple task. This starts the action snowball effect."


API ready

Choose your favorite programming language or use curl to create dids and interact with the Dids API

# Create a new Did
curl -L \
-X POST --post302 \
-d api_access_token=myaccesstoken \
-d did="leet code: solved duplicate arrays in rust"
# Get Dids from the last 24 hours
curl -L \
-X POST --post302 \
-d api_access_token=myaccesstoken

Don't take our word for it! Try it out yourself!